Camp Springs Contact Lenses

Camp Springs Contact Lenses

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Contact Lens Exams and Fittings in Camp Springs

When you choose contacts for vision correction, you are depending not only on improvement for your nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and/or presbyopia, but also a comfortable and positive experience, without irritation, infection, or other complications. At Malouf Eye Center, our responsibility is to ensure that you have the best possible chances of that occurring, and we do so with our contact lens exams and fittings.

A contact lens exam is not exactly the same as the eye exam that is recommended on an annual basis. The goal is to determine if you are well suited to getting our Camp Springs contact lenses. Eyeglasses do not touch any part of your eyes, but contacts certainly do. Those parts are the corneas, conjunctivas, and eyelids. Our eye doctor will be able to detect if there is any reason for concern. If so, there may be a simple and effective way to remedy the situation and allow you to wear our Camp Springs contact lenses without any consequences. The fitting is also essential. Testing the lenses in your eyes will be the proof positive of how comfortable you feel when you put them in. The truth is that contacts are not for everyone, and not every type of contact lens will match up with your needs and preferences ideally. In addition, there is an advantage to learning how to properly center your contacts to get the most vision correction out of the prescription provided.

We are pleased to carry a large collection of our Camp Spring contact lenses, in both soft and gas-permeable varieties. Some of them are designed to counteract the effects of an eye condition or disease. There are many uses for them. So please reach out to our office and book a time to come in for an appointment where you will get our contact lens exam and fitting.

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