Camp Springs eye exam

Camp Springs Eye Exam

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Importance of a yearly eye examination in Camp Springs

The well-being of your eyes and being able to enjoy optimal vision are what’s at stake when it comes to yearly eye examinations. We at Malouf Eye Center are dedicated to keeping your eyes healthy and your vision as sharp and clear as you’re capable of having. You have to do your part, though, and that means coming in for your annual visit.

Whatever your vision requirements were a year ago, they could be different now. Unfortunately, vision changes are typically for the worse, and the difference between excellent vision and just adequate vision can be as little as twelve months. So if you don’t wear corrective lenses now, you may find that you can benefit from them after you get our Camp Springs eye exam. And even an existing pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses may require an update to the prescription. All of that is certainly important, and if that were the only advantage of our Camp Springs eye exam, it would still be well worth your time. There’s also a screening for common eye diseases, though. And if you’re thinking that you don’t have any eye diseases because you feel fine, that’s where it is critical to make a yearly trip to our office. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, and glaucoma all have no early warning symptoms. They can develop and advanced without any alert whatsoever, putting you at risk for eye damage and vision loss, both of which might be irreversible. And while these conditions are not curable, they can be managed very effectively with timely treatment. This can mean that you will not lose additional vision, and/or that the progression of the disease will be slowed.

Please call our office today and let us schedule a good time for you to come in for our Camp Springs eye exam.

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