Camp Springs eye surgery

Camp Springs Eye Surgery

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The blurry and cloudy vision that results from cataracts does not improve over time. On the contrary, your vision will likely get worse as the deposits of protein that cataracts are responsible for grow in both quantity and size. At Malouf Eye Center, you can turn back the effects of cataracts not just temporarily, but for good. We offer laser assisted cataract surgery, which is the most effective, safest procedure for addressing the consequences of this eye disease.

Cataracts progress slowly, but steadily. When they first have an impact on your vision, you get eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve your vision in spite of the hindrance that cataracts present. Our Camp Springs eye surgery comes in when you have suffered significant vision loss to the point where your corrective eyewear is no longer sufficient in dealing with the disease. The point of the procedure is to remove your natural eye lenses, which is where the protein deposits have formed. They are replaced with new prosthetic lens implants, especially advanced state-of-the-art multi-focal ones that give you excellent vision at all distances. All of this is accomplished during a single session, but with our laser assisted surgery, we have made it even more precise and accurate. And because of this, the rate of success is elevated ever higher, with little chance for complications and side-effects. Think of all the activities that you have either had to give up or that have become difficult due to cataracts: reading, driving, playing sports, using a computer or mobile device, knitting, drawing, even watching movies and TV. You can restore your joy of all of them, and achieve greater independence.

If what you’ve read so far about our Camp Springs eye surgery seems good to you, why not book an appointment to come in for a consultation, examination, and testing to determine if you’re qualified to have it done?

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