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Camp Springs Glaucoma

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Medical and Surgical Treatment of Glaucoma in Camp Springs

Camp Springs Glaucoma
Camp Springs Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the result of too much fluid buildup in your eyes, and the unsafe increase in pressure that follows. At Malouf Eye Center, you can be assured of safe, expert care for this eye disease, which may be either medical or surgical depending on the severity and your individual situation.

As is true of other common eye diseases, Camp Springs glaucoma progresses in a silent manner. Obvious signs are not present in its early stages The problem can be getting worse, and when you do become aware of the indications, it may be too late to have prevented damage to your eyes or vision loss. Worse still, those effects might not be reversible. We recommend that you come in once per year for a complete eye exam in order to detect Camp Springs glaucoma. It’s an eye disease that can affect anyone at any age, regardless of medical history or ethnic background. Testing is comprehensive, but centers around tonometry, in which the internal pressure of your eyes are measured. Other testing may include taking photos of your optic nerve, which is especially prone to harm due to glaucoma. If the outcome of your exam is a positive determination, the type of treatment that is applicable is going to be based on two things: first, how far the disease has advanced; and second, if your optic nerve has sustained any damage. Medically, eye drops can be very effective for mild glaucoma. It reduces the amount of fluid that your eyes create, which corrects the underlying imbalance between fluid made and fluid drained. Laser surgery can improve drainage efficiency, while microinvasive surgery is designed to create an entirely new channel for the fluid to drain from. Additional procedures, including for the repair of the optic nerve, may also be employed.

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