Cataract surgery in Camp Springs

Cataract Surgery in Camp Springs

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Cataracts surgery in Camp Springs

The protein deposits that form and grow on the outside of your natural eye lenses may eventually go beyond the ability of corrective eyewear to offer you sufficient vision. When that happens, you may feel as if you’ll never again be able to do all the things that you want and need to do. It can affect your independence and your overall mood. There is a solution, however. With surgery here at Malouf Eye Center, you can have a high degree of vision restored safely.

Cataracts typically develops over time. When you are first diagnosed, special eyeglasses or contact lenses give you the help you need. As the disease advances, you will probably require updates to your prescription so that you can keep up with the blurry and cloudy vision that the condition is responsible for. Our cataract surgery in Camp Springs is the answer when you’ve reached the limit for how much eyeglasses or contact lenses can do. The procedure has two components to it, both of which are essential. The first is to remove your natural lenses. It is not possible to separate the protein deposits from them, so the entire lens must come out. The second part of our cataract surgery in Camp Springs is the placement of the intraocular lens implants (IOLs) that will give you back your vision. There are monofocal IOLs that will restore far vision, necessitating reading glasses for up close vision. Or take advantage of multifocal IOLs for full vision restoration at all distances. Either way, you can go back to driving, using a computer, reading, and all of the other activities that you had been hindered from doing.

Are you a good candidate for our cataract surgery in Camp Springs? Find out by scheduling an appointment to come in for a consultation and examination.

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