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Cataracts Surgery 20746

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Cataracts Surgery in 20746

Cataracts Surgery 20746
Cataracts Surgery 20746

At Malouf Eye Center we perform cataracts surgery 20746 as well as perform diagnostic testing to check for cataracts if patients are having trouble with their vision. Cataracts, a debilitating eye condition that can affect vision and quality of life, can be slowed if diagnosed in time before the cataracts progress to a worse condition.

Symptoms of cataracts include blurriness, dull colors and trouble seeing at night. Patients with cataracts may have difficulty reading or performing regular everyday tasks. Cataracts tend to develop when the natural lens of the eye becomes clouded by proteins. Because the lens is made from protein and water, this cloudiness can prevent light and images from reaching the retina. Cataracts are usually caused due to age, but sometimes can develop from an eye injury or by certain medications. Cataracts are best handled with cataracts surgery 20746. Cataract surgery serves to replace the old and clouded lens with a new, artificial lens that can restore vision so patients can carry on with their normal everyday lives.

Cataracts cannot be prevented but if they are diagnosed early enough they can be treated before they get worse. That’s why we recommend patients come in for an annual eye exam each year. Adults should have an exam once every year. Our exam includes a comprehensive eye exam, slit lamp examination, refraction for glasses and a contact lens fitting if needed. Children should have their first eye exam starting at six months old and again before they enter school. If you think you may be suffering from cataracts and are experiencing blurry vision, call our offices immediately to come in for a cataract diagnostic testing so that we may begin treating the condition as quickly as possible. Our cataracts surgery 20746 can be done in a safe, controlled atmosphere where you will be in and out of our office in the same day.

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