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Dry eyes in Morningside MD

Morningside MD eye doctor
Morningside MD eye doctor

Dry eyes can make things frustrating for you, and while the condition has biological causes, environmental ones can contribute to it, and make a bad situation worse. At Malouf Eye Center, let us help you to achieve relief from the discomfort and possible interference with your vision.

The good news is that any effects of dry eyes are temporary. There is no permanent damage or vision loss associated with it. Essentially, it just means that yours are not being sufficiently lubricated. It may be due to a lack of tear production, or that the ones your eyes are making are of too poor quality to do the job properly. How do you know if you have dry eyes? You may have blurry vision, which is more common when you spend a lot of time using a computer or other item with a screen; sensitivity to light, red eyes, or discomfort when you wear your contact lenses. Dry, indoor air this time of year, along with windy conditions outdoors are factors. So is exposure to smoke. Our Morningside MD eye doctor will do a thoroughly examination of your eyes, which may also include testing of the quantity and quality of your tears. The most common way to treat dry eyes is with artificial tears, a topical eye drop medication. If the standard strength version is no enough to produce the needed results, our Morningside MD eye doctor can prescribe stronger ones. Also, avoid smoke, wear sunglasses or eyeglasses outdoors on windy days, and you might want to get a humidifier for your home environment. In situations where the above does not work, surgery is an option that can be considered.

Why should you deal with the frustration of dry eyes when our Morningside MD eye doctor has the answers for you. Call our office to book an appointment.

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